Project AirCNC — a teamwork

Solaiman Shadin
2 min readJun 6, 2020

All About This project:

This is an online marketplace website. Aircnc offer arrangement for lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences. Aircnc provides a platform for hosts to accommodate guests with short-term lodging and tourism-related activities. Guests can search for lodging using filters such as lodging type, dates, location, and price, and can search for specific types of homes, such as bed and breakfasts, unique homes, and vacation homes. Before booking, users must provide personal and payment information. Guests can chat with hosts through a secure messaging system. Guests can review hosts service. Payment system is online.

Tools and Technologies we have used:

For Front-end: React.Js, JavaScript, React Bootstrap, Bootstrap 4, Firebase

For Back-end: Node.Js, MongoDB, Express.js

For project management we used Trello.

First Work Day:

We used Trello for project management.

We arrange our task at Trello as you can see. The first day I completed my design structure for the project using React.js, JavaScript, Bootstrap. Added some libraries like,

● create-react-app aircnc

● npm install react-bootstrap bootstrap

● npm install react-items-carousel

● npm install — save react-router-dom

● npm i node-sass

● npm install — save react-async-script-loader

● npm install — save react-stripe-elements

Second Day Work:

Third-Day work:

Joined front end and backend successfully.

For Backend Sadia Sultana Kumu created this API’s:



We used Google analytics :

Backend Repository Link:

Front end Repository Link:

Live Site Link: